We build custom vent hoods to your specification. Size, style, type of metal, type of finish and vent motor size can all be changed to fit your needs. Your imagination is the limit. Here is how it works:

We start by offering a quote; for that we would require all the above information and details; the dimensions for the hood (height and width), the metal of choice and the unit model your are interested in. Be it one from our gallery or one you have seen on a different platform and we are welcome to let you know if we are able to create something similar.

Lastly, we will need to know what zip code you unit will ship to? We do offer a standard shipping cost, unfortunately certain zip codes may incur in additional charges, please advise to offer our most accurate quote.

Unsure of the dimensions? Here is a guide on how to determine:

  • Height: a recommended clearance of 30”-36” from range/stove-top to the bottom of where the hood will start.
    • If your range is not yet installed, and you know your ceiling height, deduct 66”-72” (a standard range height is 36″ off the floor). The remaining space is the hood height. Take any moldings, soffits or other decor into consideration if you will be adding any, as this will reduce the height.
  • Width: the dimension of the range/stove is your initial width and starting point. Many clients add 6″ overall to the width, mainly for aesthetics, which is a phenomenal look (e.g. 36” range = 42” hood). Depending on the design, you can always make the hood wider if desired.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together on your future custom kitchen range hood!

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